Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I need some Tissues

Hi, Just a quick update as i'm not feeling to great have gone and got a cold or something. I have as usual been busy, mostly trying to keep track of my son who keeps leaving his mobile phone everywhere (very maddening) i have to ring around his friends till one of them answers their phone.

Then he moans that I'm embarrassing him by checking up on him. I am hoping that the humiliation will work better than talking to him (that didn't work) about leaving his stuff where ever he goes.

Anyway he's performing at the opening of the new Cabot Circus mall in Bristol this week, they have been rehearsing till quite late most day's and i have been hanging around waiting for him to finish that's probably where the colds come from.

My youngest is settling into school and the other girls want to have friends over all the time which is getting really tiring. Well i think that i will go know i need to get some more tissues.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Accidents, Accidents

Things have been a bit hectic this past week or so, the kids have been having an accident phase, my oldest girl had her hand shut in a door by my youngest, luckily she only had bruising and swelling.

Then my son came home from being out with friends soaking wet and covered in gashes and with a knee the size of a small football, and again luckily no bones broken. He has made me rather proud of him this week, him and his friend acted really responsibly when they found a biggish knife in the park.

They called the police, who came and took it away, when they do something like this you know at least they have listened to some of what you have been saying. My youngest started school yesterday and already i have a fridge full of her beautiful paintings

The big excitement of the week the housing association are giving me a new kitchen. I also had a viewing of a 3 bed house only the bedrooms were to small, so i shall have to keep looking.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back to School Blues

Hi things have been all go this week, i have been trying to make up for the lack of activity for most of the holidays. We have been visiting friends and going swimming, to the park when it's not been raining and getting back into a routine for going back to school amongst other things

My son started secondary school this morning, so we had a bit of a separation situation this morning i think he was nervous and i was just being sentimental(my little baby is growing up and going to the big school) kind of thing.

The girls went back yesterday and were excited about seeing all their friends. I just have the youngest one at home for the next couple of weeks then she will start primary school and i will have some me time on my hands Yeah!

I'm feeling like i don't know what to do with myself this morning, so i have contacted some of my friends that don't have kids to see if they can meet in their lunch break for a coffee so that they can give me a talking too to get my head back on track?