Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The memorys gone already!

Hi all, well it has been rather a while since i last blogged, life has been fastly moving on, i would imagine that quiet alot has been happening only at the moment my memory seems to be rather vague in remembering what has been happening.

I can remember that in the half term (end of may) my eldest daughter fractured one of her fingers running down the stairs, which resulted in her hand being strapped up for a few days. I think this was the holiday for injuries as my son and one of the other girls also sustained some injuries.

We spent quiet alot of time outside as the weather was so good. I also had my birthday i managed to get my brother to baby sit so i could go out for a couple of drinks, as i had missed last years birthday celebration due to children going down with a stomach bug, i was determined to celebrate this one even in a small way.

I have been making some progress with my youngest and her behaviour, but as we work out one behaviour another one occurs, at the moment it's name calling. My son has been doing well with his running, he has won his last three races. My eldest girl is having swimming lessons and is making good progress, she is also been practicing for the Bristol carnival as her school will be part of the progression.

My middle and youngest girls have'nt been getting along to well lately, so we have had alot conflict(they both want their own way) they are both now doing sticker charts, which has helped, their on a promise of a surprise reward when they fill the chart, i'm still trying to come up with some idea of what that will be?

I haven't got far in my search for work, but i have been helping out at the girls school, as i have been thinking about a change in direction, and possibly working with youths instead of adults. So far i am enjoying it. I have also been suffering from hayfever, which has this year gone on to my chest which made me feel miserable, i finally went to the doctors and got something for it.

Life is now feeling brighter, and hopfully it will do something for the memory as well!