Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dummy Partys

Hi i have had a better week this week, have got quite a bit done! We did go swimming! and we will be visiting family tomorrow and a couple of friends next week! we also had a party at the weekend.

The Throwing Away The Dummy party was for my four year old whom has had a difficult time in giving up the dummy at bedtime. I felt as she will be starting school, plus tooth issues it really needed to go! so hence the party along with music, dancing, balloons, nibbles and fizzy pop she put her dummy in the bin.

She has not really missed it or asked for it, which is odd as when it would get lost she would have an almighty paddy? I have been doing the shopping for school uniform this week "nightmare" had difficulty getting the sizes needed at a price i was willing to pay and trapezing around Bristol.

To be told that i should have bought it earlier, i had to save to buy their uniforms especially my son who starts secondary school the stuff is expensive, i could have bought bits each week but that would of mean't loads of shopping trips with kids and i wanted to get it done in one go.

But in all it has been a good week, im going to make plans tonight for next week so hopfully i will have another good one?

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