Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Builders, life and more life!

Hi well it has been quiet awhile since I last wrote and updated my blog, I have been having work done on the house, they are replacing the Kitchen and Bathroom, work started the last week in January and was supposed to take two weeks.

We are now on the seventh week and they are still not finished, at the beginning there were quiet a few mishaps, which delayed progress a bit, once they had the major work done the rest of the work became sporadic.

I think that builders think that you have nothing better to do than sit at home all day waiting to see if they decide to turn up or not, and then listen to the list of excuses that falls out their mouths as to why they have not been in to finish.

Do they actually think that we believe these excuses, i have complained a couple of times which speeds things up for a couple of days then drops back off again. I can’t wait for them to be finished as I want my space back.

It will take awhile to clean up as thick dust has got everywhere. I also have to do some decorating as the bits that they have done has left the rest looking rather shabby.

O.K rant over, i will move on to something else that has not been stressing me out so much.

The Kids have been really good through the whole process, i have still been having the odd issue with my son and the choices that he is making, one of his new friends has been having a bit of a negative influence on him.

On the job front i was unsuccessful in the job interview i attended before Christmas, i missed out by a point, i then applied for another job where i got through to the next stage of the interview process where i had to take Literacy and Numeracy tests to be able to go on to the next stage(interview).

I passed the Numeracy test and again one point held be back from passing the Literacy test, i am fine about this as it was a full time post and i went for the post thinking off asking for a job share.
I have not seen anything since that i am interested in.

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