Thursday, 26 June 2008

OTT with the sticker charts

Hi All
Have had a pretty non eventful week the kids have been at each others throats (nothing out the ordinary there) so have been acting as referee most of the week.

On the upside though I walked in to a conversation between my seven and three year old were the seven year old was saying to her younger sister

“Well done you have completed the top line that means you have been really good”

I asked what they were doing and the seven year old said “I have made her a sticker chart because she keeps being naughty and I want her to behave”

I thought this was funny and sweet then later wondered if I had been going a little OTT with the sticker charts.

Oh and I have been trying out giving my son a bit more responsibility which I’m finding difficult (it’s not easy letting go) but it mean’s that I have more time to do other things like putting my feet up!!

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