Thursday, 3 July 2008

Kids and their fascination for toilets

Hi All
I have been sat here a while wondering what has happened in the last week that would be worth a mention.

Well I took the kids to see the new Narnia movie at the weekend. It’s nearly 3 hours long!! I think that I spent more time in the bathroom than I did watching the film.

By the time you get through the trailers and the movies about to start the kids have polished off all popcorn and drink. They then decide to take it in turns wanting to go to the loo.

Most of the time i don’t think they actually wanted to go it was an excuse to play around with the water and hand dryers.

Have also been busy trying to tie things up as the holidays fast approach. My son starts secondary school this year and my youngest starts primary.

So I’m feeling a bit emotional at the moment and wanting to spend time with them. Also the youngest has her 4th birthday this weekend. Time flies by so quickly!!!

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