Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sharks and Limos

Well just a few days and the school hoildays begin. I have been busy with end of term events. My son had his school play this week. Which he was fantastic in, he played the baron in jack and the amazing multi coloured beanstalk.

Tonight i will be helping to supervise the year six leavers at their prom. They will be driven around in a limo for an hour then of to the local hall for food and dancing.

I will then be going home to sleep in the garden?, as i had promised my girls that when the weather was good they could camp out in the tent Yippee!!

Hopefully they won't have flooded the place playing sharks in the paddling pool, this is my four year olds favourite game, which tends to soak the whole house. Last thing i need is a soggy sleeping bag.

I am starting to look forward to the holidays and getting a lie-in, and spending sometime messing about with the kids, on the downside though is the thought of no peace for the next six weeks!

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