Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ha Ha Happy Halloween

Hi half term is upon us again, the kids are getting excited and trying to decide what they want to dress up as for Halloween, i have decided to have a small tea party this year rather than trek the streets.

I have been taking a while getting rid of a cold that started about a month ago it subsides and comes back again making me feel a bit low and ratty, which has been difficult stopping myself from shouting at the kids. They have got their own back though as the other day i had a new skirt on and i was bent over making the beds when my son said i had a horses backside. Charming huh.

So i think during the break I'm going to tackle this thing with some rest (morning TV in bed) and good immune boosting meals and top up on some vitamins hopefully this will put things right as when the children are back at school my schedule is pretty packed and i won't have time to be feeling under the weather.

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