Thursday, 31 July 2008

Too-ing & Fro-ing with Soulja Boy

Whew what a week!! this is no holiday i have been busier this past week than i think i have ever been. I have been too-ing and fro-ing all week, ones doing this anothers do something else and the others are doing something else again, whilst i have been trying to sort out the house and their messy bedroom.

I'm still having home maintenance problems this week, the bottom two inches fell of the back door, at the moment i have had to cardboard it up as i await the inspector to decide weather or not i need a new door!!

Oh i just remembered! the prom thing last week went really well the kids had a great time and were well behaved, we had some good food and i won a raffle prize yeah!! have you ever seen the inside of a hummer? it's decked out like a disco inside.

The kids all screamed like mad you would of thought they were at a concert when they got in. At the disco they danced to soulja boy all night and finally got the adults on to the dance floor to teach us all how to do the dance, which is quiet difficult to do in flip flops?

We finally got some SAT results and i'm real happy as the 7 and 11 year old got really good grades, which have earned them a treat, not sure what thats going to be yet though?

Oh well best get back to the fray! Happy Holidays?

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sharks and Limos

Well just a few days and the school hoildays begin. I have been busy with end of term events. My son had his school play this week. Which he was fantastic in, he played the baron in jack and the amazing multi coloured beanstalk.

Tonight i will be helping to supervise the year six leavers at their prom. They will be driven around in a limo for an hour then of to the local hall for food and dancing.

I will then be going home to sleep in the garden?, as i had promised my girls that when the weather was good they could camp out in the tent Yippee!!

Hopefully they won't have flooded the place playing sharks in the paddling pool, this is my four year olds favourite game, which tends to soak the whole house. Last thing i need is a soggy sleeping bag.

I am starting to look forward to the holidays and getting a lie-in, and spending sometime messing about with the kids, on the downside though is the thought of no peace for the next six weeks!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sleepless nights and packing bags?

Hi All

I'm tired have had little sleep for the last four nights. Last night i was packing bags all night. Maybe it's a sign? if anyone knows anything about dream interpretations and can shed some light please let me know what this mean's?

Have had the kid's home for two day's this week because of the strike which has messed the week up abit. Have also had builders around as i had to have a new bath fitted. Nearly broke my neck and put my back out as they had sprayed something in their that has left the floor like an ice rink. I have washed the floor three times and it's still really slick.

I think i must be going through one of those home disaster stages you now when everything starts breaking down on you. And it always happens when your strapped for cash. The tv broke and i realised that we rely on it to much. We will have it on even if were not watching it! My chest of drawers have broke due to the weight of clothes (things just being shoved into the nearest drawer)

I managed to get out to the pub at the weekend to have a drink with some friends which was real nice to catch up and be child free for a couple of hours. No hangover this week?

Had a nice relaxing day with the kids on Sunday. We played darts in the garden. The winner got out of doing the dishes and the loser got to do an extra chore. Guess who was the winner?

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Whistles and Hangovers

Hi All
Well this week has been real busy!! Apart from getting myself in a tizzy on Friday after waiting in all afternoon for the gas man that did not arrive. Complained and got first appointment for Wednesday.

Don’t you just hate it when you make an appointment with someone and then they don’t turn up? Agh… agh…

Anyway well I have been busy planning a trip to a conference in London as part of my volunteering. Lot’s of ringing around writing letters and emailing and that sort of stuff. London here we come!!

At the weekend me and the kids went to the Carnival in St Paul’s Bristol, the floats were good and all the children looked fantastic. I know regret buying them whistles as they have driven me nuts going round the house blowing them to see who can get the loudest.

It most probably was not that bad. I think the fact that I was feeling ropey from a rather bad hangover from to much celebrating made things seam worse than they were.

We also had my youngest 4th birthday this weekend. She got up early and ran herself ragged all day that once she sat down to eat her dinner she fell asleep and did not get to have her cake. Which was good for me as I got to have an early night.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Kids and their fascination for toilets

Hi All
I have been sat here a while wondering what has happened in the last week that would be worth a mention.

Well I took the kids to see the new Narnia movie at the weekend. It’s nearly 3 hours long!! I think that I spent more time in the bathroom than I did watching the film.

By the time you get through the trailers and the movies about to start the kids have polished off all popcorn and drink. They then decide to take it in turns wanting to go to the loo.

Most of the time i don’t think they actually wanted to go it was an excuse to play around with the water and hand dryers.

Have also been busy trying to tie things up as the holidays fast approach. My son starts secondary school this year and my youngest starts primary.

So I’m feeling a bit emotional at the moment and wanting to spend time with them. Also the youngest has her 4th birthday this weekend. Time flies by so quickly!!!